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Palm Beach County Doctor Providing Medical Service for the Whole Family

Establishing a relationship with your family doctor is the first step to lifelong health and wellness. As a patient, you should have trust in your physician, and your physician should be invested in your health. That’s the philosophy behind the family medicine we practice at the office of Dr. Grenn. As a family practitioner, we aim to provide patients of every age, gender and physical condition with the utmost of care. You can trust us your own medical needs as well as those of every other person in your household, including kids.

How Internal Medicine Is Different

There are a number of differences between internal and family medicine. We focus on treating patients who are children, teenagers and adults, but there are other differences, such as:
  • Internal medicine often takes place in a hospital
  • Internal doctors usually treat adults exclusively
  • Family medicine focuses on lifetime care and treatment

Contact Us in West Palm Beach and Lake Worth

Each member of your household has different needs when it comes to health care. It can be a hassle to coordinate doctor’s appointments and treatments for everybody when this is the case. By finding a provider who can offer all the care you and your loved ones need, you can simplify things tremendously. This is the goal of Dr. Grenn, and you’ll see why so many families trust us when you come to visit. Whether you are looking for a family medicine doctor or pediatric doctor in the greater Greenacres area, we are the top choice. We also serve patients in areas such as West Palm Beach and Lake Worth, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Call 561-964-4077 for an appointment.